Whisky AS de Picos

Single malt made from our own hand crafted malted barley, fermented on site and distilled drop by drop in our traditional “Alquitaras Lebaniegas” following the careful recipe of the local ancient master distillers. Fine whiskey aged in our distillery for years in the best Sherry barrels.

Another extraordinary spirit included in our Premium brand “As de Picos”, of limited edition and special character, result of the heritage, water purity and the micro climate of the Cantabrian mountain range.

Tasting notes

Mahogany tinge of medium depth, that shows fine golden tears in the glass after being swirled, from its refined distillation process in the traditional “Alquitara Lebaniega”.

Its aroma shows a complex harmony of malted barley, clove and vanilla, together with subtle notes of bread, roasted coffee beens and caramel. Characteristic aromas all of them of the best single malts aged in Sherry casks.
On the palate it is smooth, balanced and rounded, with a creamy texture and delicate aftertaste that last for a long time showing reminiscences of cereal, orange blossom, pastries and toffee.

Producto de Montaña category. Limited edition.

Alcohol: 44,5% ABV

Limited Edition.

Available in 50cl size bottles.

Awards received:

  • GOLD International Awards London 2024

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